Worrying about too much Christmas spending?

There was an excellent article in Sunday's Herald about some frugality tips for the new year!  Great advice when most of us are probably already worrying about the effect of both over spending and over-indulging over the Christmas Period.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon offers some fundamental advice on how to NOT get caught in the cross-fire of an interest rate rise.  The first point is obviously about ensuring you get the best deal on your home loan.  Simple but true! 
Our advice?  Use the time over to re-examine your mortgage, utilities providers, credit cards, expenses - all the stuff you've been putting off throughout the year and get to it.

At Freshwater Financial Services, we have excellent relationships with a number of lenders and we offer a complimentary mortgage review at any time.  So give us a call in the new year and let's get to.