Welcome back!

Belated Happy New Years also - if you're like us you've been slowly getting back to normality, making plans and no doubt resolutions for the new year. 

We read a great blog recently from a colleague of ours, Paul Dunn of Belief1st, with the above title.   For us, the article was a great reality check and probably one of the more pertinent we've read in a while - particularly this quote.....

'The definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result”'! 

Too true!  Read more of Belief1st blogs.

So, have a look and see what you can take out of it, particularly in relation to your financial goals.  This is one area where you can clearly articulate your goals and put in place a succinct plan and timeline to get there.  We have numerous tools and pertinent bits of advice to help you in this area.  So, as Paul Dunn says, make a plan and just START. 

Have a great week and enjoy the return to normality.